U-Care Medical

Caring and saving lives by transforming kidney care with AI

We are working to reduce AKI mortality rate...

A near-real time artificial inteligence based diagnostic to predict kidney failure

U-Care Technolgy

A patent system with AI algorithms to predict acute kidney injury based on patient urine output. This innovative approach is supported by many key opinion leaders

Prizes & Accelaration programs

People trust us

Winner of Proof-of-Concept grant by Venture Factory (Vertis sgr) for Pre-seed funding of 50,000€

Winner of Startcup Piemonte & Valle d’Aosta. First prize of 10,000€

Winner of Digithon 2020 the biggest digital startup marathon in Italy. First prize: € 10,000

Winner of PNI- Lifescience 2020  First prize: € 25,000

Why should you choose U-Care digital biomarker?

Improve clinical treatment

Enable prevention of AKI: predict AKI 12 hours before its onset.

Higher Accuracy

Reduction of 50% false-negative compared with FDA-approved chemical biomarker.

Increase patient quality life

Reduce Mortality rate and dialysis treatment.

Cost cutting

24,000€/year save per patient in intensive unit care due to AKI episodes.

U-Care Medical

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