Saving Lives Trasforming Kidney Care

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Renal care monitoring solution powered by Artificial Intelligence

Acute Kidney Injury a silent killer...

Acute kidney injury (AKI)  commonly affects hospitalized individuals, and if not caught early, can result in dangerous outcomes for patients. U-Care Medical machine learning algorithms are able to analyze patient vital sign data and determine whether a patient is at risk of developing acute kidney injury. With this technology, we believe we’ll be able to provide physicians with ample time to intervene and prevent long-term kidney injury in their patient.

U-Care Medical srl

U-Care Medical is a spin-off of Politecnico di Torino with a long-term Vision: “Saving lives trasforming kidney care”. Today we are working on our capabilities to make our Vision true. We developed an innovative monitoring solution cloud-based (IP granted) for patients in intensive unit care (ICU) in order to prevent Acute Kidney Injury.

U-Care Medical supports physicians inside Intensive Unit Care by predicting Acute Kidney Injury episodes more than 24 hours in advance

Expanding clinical collborations across the Coutry and over...

Currently U-Care Medical works near more than 7 main hospitals in Italy, a network in continuous evolution. Thanks to this network and working together Società Italiana di nefrologia, today U-Care Medical has validated the accurancy  of the technology. For more information read our publications.


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