Company Profile

U-Care Medical is a tech-based start-up, spin-off of Polytechnic of Turin. U-Care Medical was born in 2021 with the aim of bringing to the market the patented results of 3 years of scientific research carried out by the co-founders within the Polytechnic of Turin.

Our core product is a SaaS AI-based software platform for the personalized and preventive management of kidney diseases within the intensive care units. By integrating with the Electronic Health Record systems of ICU, we leverage the vast clinical data pool to provide data-driven and real-time predictive alerts to clinicians:

“We empower clinicians to make personalized and faster decisions, via proactive kidney care that saves lives”


At U-Care Medical, We believe that AI should be used for socially beneficial purposes and always remain under meaningful human control. Understanding what this means in practice is essential. Humans are leaders of every technological change, and develop disruptive human-centric solutions at the service of society. We embrace scientific values like transparency, freedom of thought, and the equality of access, and we deeply respect the independence and academic integrity of our researchers and partners. We trust AI-technology and data-science have the potential to revolutionize medicine.



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