U-Care Renal Platform


The U-Care Renal Platform is the first Medical Device CE-marked software that, automatically elaborating 24/7 the clinical data of patients, unlocks proactive care of renal complication in Intensive Care Units.

It empowers critical-care teams to improve efficiency and clinical outcomes of Acute Kidney Injury with clinical-grade Artificial Intelligence.

U-Care Renal Platform is powered by 3 different modules that enables prediction, early detection and clinical-guidelines compliant management of Acute Kidney Injury in Intensive Care Units:

Each module provides different clinical decision support during the ICU stay of patients:

Key characteristics of U-Care Renal Platform are:

U-Care Renal Platform - Instructions for use

All users of the U-Care Renal Platform have access to an electronic copy of the Instructions for Use. To view the document, click the “Download the User Manual” button and insert the password that you have received in the e-mail. Please note that the Instructions for Use are a PDF document, these can typically be viewed with your internet browser, or using specific software like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Instructions for Use are available in Italian. 

If you are unable to access the Instructions for Use through the bottom link or require a hard copy, please email amministrazione@u-caremedical.com.

We aim to provide hard copies within 7 calendar days.